Strategy and Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bureau of Drug and Narcotic, Department of Medical Sciences serves as the main laboratory center for quality control of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products, identification and analysis of narcotics, illicit drugs and psychotropic substances, production of reference standards and as a proficiency testing (PT) provider. The quality management systems are applied to all laboratories in the Bureau. In this role, the technically valid results are generated and readily demonstrable to data users such as Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA), Public Health Provincial Offices, Hospitals, Police Officers, public health experts, and government officials.


The management commits to support the development of quality system in all laboratories in order to achieve the targeted outcomes and the sustainable maintenance by continuously supporting / providing the followings:

  • Development and implementation of ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 and WHO good practices for pharmaceutical quality control laboratories in all testing laboratories;
  • Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Production of reference standards according to ISO Guide 34: 2009;
  • Providing the proficiency testing schemes for pharmaceutical quality control laboratories according to ISO/IEC 17043: 2010;
  • All personnel to carry out the work with appropriate education, training, experience and demonstrated skill that conforms to quality system requirements;
  • Adequate resources for achievement of all works;
  • Appropriate communication processes regarding the effectiveness of the management system.


Bureau of Drug and Narcotic management emphasizes that quality activities are mandatory for its entire staff. It is incumbent on all staffs to perform the analysis or conduct the studies that are of high quality to assure integrity, accuracy, precision, reliability and timeliness of the data.  Top management and personnel are committed to regular monitoring the quality system and continual improving its effectiveness.